Banks that Leverage Our Unique Solutions See Up To:
Life Time Value (LTV)
Satisfaction Rate (NPS)
Return on Investment (ROI)


Give Your Bank an Unfair Advantage

From key point indicators (KPIs) to lifetime values (LTVs), we understand what makes banks work. 

We've poured our experience into building sophisticated tools that help you grow your bottom line, while putting a smile on your customers' faces.



Our Solutions Are Changing the Game

Our AI modules live at the intersection of advanced behavioral economics and best-in-class machine learning

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Our Customers are Seeing the Change


Global Winner
OpenTalent 2017


"You guys are already initiating transactions on behalf of customers."

Carlos Torres Villa


Easy Change for Massive Transformation

Become the hero that drives your customers to financial success. Use our technology to provide a proactive & personalized experience that automatically improves your customers’ financial health.

Our AI platform only requires 90-days of historical transactional data to be able to offer value, not like others that demand at least 1 year making it impossible to serve new customers.

Serve New Customers

Our system does not require any personal identifiable information (Non-PII) - only transactional data that include Date, Amount, Description and Running Balance.

GDPR Friendly

Our API will deliver scores and suggest actions to be taken on a daily basis for each account making it the perfect technology to drive banking automation and improved efficiency.

Daily Scores & Actions

Guided by behavioral economics, our predictive ML models lead the industry in accuracy, and are measured to be 5x more accurate than other naive predictions used in the market today.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Change is Easier than Ever

Change Labs' guided integration process ensures you can get our modules up and running in no time, with minimal technical investment.

Our Unique Approach

Behavioral Economics

Guided by the noted research of our own behavioral economics expert, Prof. Eyal Winter, we understand how people relate to their finances, and how they can be guided to make smarter financial decisions

Financial Expertise

We're passionate about financial health. In fact, our founder sold to tech companies to focus on this mission because financial health is in his DNA

Machine Learning

Our team has years of experience building machine learning models, feeding them with real-time data, effectively training them and operating them at scale to fit banks of all sizes

Invest in your customers,

and they'll invest in you.

Schedule a call to learn more about Change Labs' solutions that can automatically improve financial health - a win-win for both your bank and your retail customers.

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