Paying bills is nobody’s idea of a good time. And when your customers can’t afford an upcoming bill, they have to make an unenviable choice between late fees or overdraft charges.

Our system independently identifies your customer’s recurring bills, and predicts when the next ones will be due. To ensure the customer has enough funds to cover the upcoming charges, it automatically stashes small amounts into a dedicated savings account. The amounts are calculated to help the customer effortlessly cover the full dues, protecting them late fees and overdraft charges.


When allocated amounts are insufficient to cover the upcoming bill, behavioral nudges are crafted by our AI to help you communicate these upcoming events to your customers. Automatically offer microloans or other existing services to help them cover their bill. 


On top of increasing your customer’s financial awareness to upcoming bills, you are able to introduce the appropriate service, at the appropriate time, for appropriate reasons - driving high engagement rates as well as cross-selling your existing services in a much more effective way.

Overdraft Alerts
Earn up to...


increase in engagement rates


reduction in attrition rates


increase in cross-sales efficiency
And enjoy more...
User Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty

Proactive Bill Payment

Ensure your customers can cover their bills by automatically allocating small amounts from their balance to offset predicted charges

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