Overdraft events are nasty surprises for your customers. Although they might generate short-term revenues for your bank, they dramatically raise attrition rates and reduce customers’ lifetime values.

Our AI engine learns to identify customers’ behavioral patterns, and accurately predict immediate upcoming overdraft events. It then crafts the right behavioral nudge to alert your customers as they approach overdraft, introducing them to existing services, such as overdraft protection plans or microloans, and helping them mitigate the expense of an unauthorised overdraft. 


Beyond increasing your customers’ financial awareness, predictive overdraft alerts allow you to introduce the right services, to the right customer, at the right time - and for the right reasons. Drive higher engagement rates and boost your cross-sales efficiently and effectively, without any manual intervention from your sales or support teams.

Overdraft Alerts
Earn up to...


greater accuracy than naive prediction


reduction in attrition rates - or more


increase in cross-sales efficiency
And enjoy more...
User Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty

Predictive Overdraft Alerts

Proactively warn your customers before they hit overdraft, saving them money and maximizing loyalty

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