For many of your customers, deciding how much money to allocate to an investment portfolio can be overwhelming, and following through on deposits can become a challenge. That’s why so many avoid investments altogether, especially among your younger demographics.

After a quick mapping of your investment vehicles, the Robo-Investment module identifies the appropriate solutions for each customer and enables you to offer these services when your customers are most likely to be interested. The crafted behavioral messaging is proven to boost engagement and opt-in rates alike.


Once customers opt-in, the system identifies small amounts of money in the customer’s funding account that could be spared and transfers them to the selected investment vehicle. The algorithms are designed to never take your customers into overdraft and allows them to set customized limits.

Earn up to...


increase in


increase in your NPS


increase in opt-in rates into an investment vehicle
And enjoy more...
User Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty


Build your customers’ futures by allowing them to invest effortlessly through automatic, AI-calculated transfers from their checking accounts

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